Booking Calendars

The calendars only show confirmed bookings, and holds may be in place for requested days/times. We’ll advise if holds are already in place for your requested date(s) as soon as possible.

Bookings that start more than 3 months from the submission date will first go through a first-right-of-refusal process with our member organizations.

*Please note: The Post at 750 is NOT a performance space and cannot accommodate bookings of live music, dance, or theatre performance.
The Post also does NOT accommodate private party rentals.*

*Access through the CBC lobby & elevator requires 72 hours notice. 

Startup Studio Limit – 90 people
East Studio Limit – 40 people

Booking Calendar Tips

  • Click an entry to see when that booking ends
  • A solid line indicates a 24-hour booking
  • Older browsers may not display busy dates

Request a Booking

Request a Booking