Amenities & Extra Equipment

Facility Amenities

In addition to the two studios, The Post at 750 has 2 common areas that are shared by renters and the staff of our member tenants. Our Community Lounge can be used for breaks or holding participants, and our Canteen for meals, coffee breaks, etc. The Canteen contains basic dishware and cutlery, microwave, a coffee maker, kettle, and dishwasher. Renters are welcome to bring in a caterer for an event. If you would like recommendations for local companies, please ask.

We have 4 gender-neutral toilets, one that is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair and other mobility-challenged access to The Post at 750 is through the CBC Broadcast Centre at 700 Hamilton Street. For more information see Location & Parking.

Wi-fi is available throughout the facility.

_39A4941 The Canteen
The Community Lounge

***Please note, the Canteen and Community Lounge are common areas and are not available for exclusive use.***


The following studio equipment is available upon request.

For rent:

  • Grand Piano (Bechstein B-208) $25/day
  • Electric Piano (Yamaha P-155S)  $10/day

Included with all rentals:

  • 16 x 5ft folding tables
  • 50 stacking chairs
  • 20 musician chairs
  • 20 music stands
  • 1 lectern
  • Microphone & stand
  • Full A/V system (see specific studio below for details)


A 12 channel dimming system of prerecorded lighting presets is accessible through a separate LCD touchscreen in the A/V closet.

All lights are hung on a 1.5″ steel pipe grid suspended 8″ below the ceiling. All of the lights are prefocused and changes are not permitted. (see technical info for a description of the available lighting presets)