Space 1: The Startup Studio


Our largest space at 1,100 sq ft, The Startup Studio is ideal for  rehearsals, meetings, workshops, receptions, or other invite/RSVP events. A variety of configurations are possible, and the room comfortably holds 40 people around tables, 60-70 in theatre-style rows, or up to 90 standing.

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are limiting rentals in the Startup Studio to 20 people. This will be reassessed and updated regularly.

All rentals include use of facility amenities. A detailed list of The Startup Studio equipment is below.

Rental Rates       Availability and Booking

The Startup Studio has a sprung marmoleum floor, a floor-to-ceiling screen, ceiling-mounted projector, and A/V system for playing video and/or audio (details below). The Startup Studio also features “rehearsal mode” light and audio controls (house technician orientation required).

  • Audio playback from 2 or 4 ceiling-mounted speakers (QSC K12); Front L & R, Rear L & R, All
  • HD video playback from Video Projector (Barco PGWU-61B)  / screen (automated)
  • Blu Ray DVD player (rack mounted)
  • Input options: HDMI, VGA, 1/8″ stereo mini jack or stereo RCA (audio only), XLR (for mic).
  • A/V controls through a rack mounted LCD touchscreen.
  • General lighting in the room is 2 circuits of recessed LED pot lights.
  • Additional ground-mounted LED lights, with a number of lighting pre-sets.
  • A manual system of blinds is available to black out the space.
  • Black curtains can be deployed along a track around the entire perimeter.

Technical Information (Rehearsal Mode ONLY)

Please note The Startup Studio Audio/Visual system has two modes: Presentation and Rehearsal; renters requiring the more complicated Rehearsal mode will need assistance from our House Technician; technician rates available upon request.

  • Sub woofer(QSC KSUB) and 2 powered speakers (QSC K10) for use as monitors
  • 2 stands 
  • Mixer with 16 inputs / 6 outputs (Alan&Heath GL2400)
  • 16 channel input snake with XLR connections 30′ length
  • 8 channel output snake with XLR connections 24’ length
  • 2 audio sub panels in SW / SE corners: 8 sends to / 2 sends from per panel (XLR connectors)
  • 1 audio main panel on column: 8 sends from / 2 sends to each audio sub panel (XLR connectors), 4 sends to speakers (XLR and 1/4″ connectors)
  • Note that the wall Mounted mic input is disabled in this mode.
  • A 12-channel dimming system is accessible through a console (ETC Smartfade 1248). The console plugs into DMX IN port in A/V Closet.
  • A separate DMX OUT port is located in the bulk head above the column.
  • Changes to lighting focus are permitted.