We strive to make The Post at 750 accessible to as many people as possible, both financially and physically.

Please note: We require 72 hours notice prior to your accessing the CBC lobby. 

750 Hamilton is not at street level. From the street there are 10 standard height steps, approximately 20 feet of flat surface, and 26  lower-than-standard-height steps. There are handrails beside all the staircases.

Elevator access to The Post at 750 is through the CBC at 700 Hamilton. Take the elevator to “UL” (Security Desk). Go up the ramp towards the security desk and go outside through the doors on the right. The entrance to 750 Hamilton is about 100 meters on your left. Buzz #110 on the intercom. There is an accessible-activated button to the left of the door.

Access Statement – Summary

Blind/Low Vision:
Signage through the accessible entrance is tactile and/or brailled, but not once having arrived in the space; it is high contrast and the entirety of the space inside is well-lit, but outside is not. The emergency alarm does not have a visual component.

d/D/hoh & Audio Barriers:
A number of staff in the space are learning and/or fluent in ASL. Individual renters can bring in their own interpreters, and acoustics, lighting, and lines of sight are largely amenable to d/D/hoh and audio barriers access. The emergency alarm does not have a visual component.

The Post at 750 is in the centre of downtown and surrounded by cell towers. Wifi and cellphones are used in the space by various organizations.

While there is not currently a policy in place, there has been a commitment made moving forward regarding reducing personal scent use by staff and renters. A scented soap is currently used in the bathroom, but again, this has been brought up and will be changed. Cleaners used are scent free.
UPDATE SEPT 2018: All bathrooms have unscented, allergen-free soap.

Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter/Mobility Restricted Access:
The space is free of stairs and steps. The accessible entrance has two automatic doors and two non-automatic doors; the non-automatic doors are near attended desks if assistance is required. Seating is not currently arranged in an accessible fashion in the waiting/lounge area, but this is easily changed.

Bathroom Access:
The toilet is lower than most and the mirror is not at an accessible height, but the room is spacious and easy to manoeuvre. and there is a baby/child changing table but no adult changing table.

Childcare, Food, Finances, etc:
There are modified rental fees for artists, non-profits, and co-ops. Childcare is not available in the space, and food is in a shared fridge so allergens cannot be monitored easily. The Post at 750 is easily accessible by car, public transit, and bike, and facility staff are committed to an anti-oppressive environment.

Full access audit:

Audit conducted by Quin Eli, using a template developed by the Radical Access Mapping Project ([email protected]). If you or your organization is looking to have an Accessibility Audit done, we strongly recommend you hire Quin rather than filling out the template yourself. Their training and personal perspective on the issues makes them the best candidate for the job. You can contact them through their website (linked in their name above) or at [email protected].